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Technomad Schedulon Feeds Audio to Cowboys Stadium Perimeter

The Schedulon informs fans of event details as they enter the stadium

Schedulon delivers event information to fans as they enter the stadium based on user-defined, automatic playout schedules BOSTON, September 7, 2011 – The game of football is all about timing. From running a slant pattern on offense, breaking up the pass on defense, or booting the extra point through the uprights, precise execution is essential …

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Technomad Introduces Schedulon Playback and Recording System for Commercial Security Applications

Schedulon digital message repearter by Technomad - play sounds on a schedule you create a year or more in advance.  WAV, AIF, MP3, more - and with a super-accurate real-time clock ( RTC ).  Networked, web-configured.  More at https://www.technomad.com/products/schedulon/

Military technology adapted for commercial markets ideal for message repeating in airport and transportation centers Technomad Associates, LLC, a leader in weatherproof loudspeakers and audio systems since 1995, introduces the Schedulon™, a new automatic mp3 player and recording system designed for integration into commercial security systems for airports and transportation centers of any size.Unique to …

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