Technomad Scoreboard PA Audio System

Technomad now offers great-sounding, fully weatherproof Scoreboard PA Systems!

These powerful turn-key packages install quickly, and come with everything you need.

Get rid of legacy ‘horn’ systems, and experience the high-fidelity power of Technomad scoreboard sound systems.  Unmatched music playback and clear, intelligible voice. Don’t settle for bulky ‘commercial-grade’ gear – upgrade to a powerful, quick-to-deploy Technomad scoreboard audio system for your field.

Similar to our Press-Box mounted ‘Turn-Key’ PA systems in performance, the Scoreboard PA packages feature:

  • Fully weatherproof, US-made, military-grade loudspeakers (Vienna, Noho, Berlin, Berlin HQ)
  • Rustproof mounting hardware (pole mount or panel mount available)
  • Fully Waterproof PowerChiton amplifier module (installs outdoors)
  • Wireless or Wired connection from Announcer location to Scoreboard
  • Optional pre-assembled front-end Mixer / Microphone / Media Player package.

These systems are simple to install – if you purchase a Berlin-based system the heaviest component weighs only 100 lbs.  Vienna or Noho based systems are even lighter.  Modular approach means you can add a Technomad scoreboard audio system to your existing scoreboard without major modifications (and without major cost).

NOTE:  for many sports facilities a press-box mounted solution is simpler and less expensive than the equivalent scoreboard PA.  Contact Technomad and we would be happy to suggest the most cost effective solution.

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Model# Scoreboard1 An excellent basic system. 200+ listeners. » More info   Order Now…or request info
Model# Scoreboard2 Our most popular package. 1000+ listeners. » More info   Order Now…or request info
Model# Scoreboard3 The ultimate install PA system. 2000+ listeners. » More info   Order Now…or request info