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Upgrading from “Commercial Grade” Loudspeakers to Technomad

Technomad military-specification loudspeakers offer significant advantages over typical “commercial” or “consumer” models from other manufacturers. These advantages include:

  • Better fidelity (music and speech are much clearer)
  • Much better throw (ability to project sound despite high background noise levels, or outside)
  • Simplicity of installation
  • More robust / rugged construction » See “torture-testing” videos
  • Fully weatherproof construction
  • Abuse/ vandalism resistant
  • Electrically reliable – can take electrical abuse that destroys other brands
  • Unaffected by ultraviolet light, chemicals, insects, moisture, etc.
  • 14 available Colors
  • Excellent power handling and efficiency combined with wide dispersion pattern means many projects can be done with 20-30% fewer Technomad loudspeakers than typical brands, and with better fidelity and reliability.
  • MUCH lower total lifetime cost-of-ownership

Following are some normal substitutions of Technomad products for other brand. Note that you may not need to make a 1-to-1 replacement – Contact Technomad to discuss the best loudspeakers for your project. All non-Technomad brands and names are property of their respective owners.

Technomad Vernal Replaces / Upgrades:


Bose 151, Bose 25
JBL Control 1
Niles OS3, Niles OS6,
Niles OS10
OWI 200 series
Posh P1 NEAR 1.4A
Acoustic Research Edge
JBL Control 1AW
OWI 500 Series
Posh P2
Bogen / NEAR 1.2A
Bogen / NEAR A2
JBL Control 25, 25T
JBL Control 23, 23T
OWI 700 Series
Posh M2
Boston Acoustics Voyager
…and many others.
Note: unlike the “no tweeter” or “dome tweeter” models listed here, the Vernal features a 1″ horn-loaded weatherproof ceramic high-frequency driver. The result: much better clarity, projection, and reliability. The Vernal is the ideal loudspeaker for distributed music and paging.
Technomad Vienna Replaces / Upgrades:


JBL Control 28, 28T
Niles OS20
Bogen / NEAR 2.0C
Posh M15/M19
Bogen / NEAR 1.6A NEAR A6
…and many others.
Note: like all Technomad loudspeakers, the Vienna does not require a processor to achieve rated performance. Rotationally Molded cabinet is 2-4 times thicker than typical injection molded loudspeakers
Technomad Paris Replaces / Upgrades:


Community WET 2V8
EV Xi-1082
Bogen / NEAR A8
Bose 402 Community CSV8
PAS P-100
Community RS228
…and many others.


Note: like all Technomad loudspeakers, the Paris features a three-layer WeatherTechª grill system and self- draining cabinet design.
Technomad Noho Replaces / Upgrades:


Community XLT42E
PAS PI12-1
Bose 802
Community R1
PAS T-12201
EV Sx300
…and many others.


Note: the high-output Noho is perfect for music, sound effects, wide-area paging, and more – indoors or out. Just two Nohos cover a typical high school football stadium – home side, field, and away side.
Technomad Berlin Replaces / Upgrades:


Community XLT 43E
Apogee AE5
EAW LA Series
Community R2
Apogee AE4
PAS PI15-2.2
…and many others.


Note: the high-performance Berlin is the flagship Technomad loudspeaker, able to deliver maximum fidelity at high-SPLs, in any conditions. Used by the White House, Universal Studios, touring sound and sound rental firms, and large stadiums around the world, nothing else compares to the power and fidelity of the Berlin.

Technomad manufactures a complete line of loudspeakers and ‘turn-key’ PA systems

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