What is the Difference between Tour and Install loudspeakers?

What is the Difference between “Tour” and “Install” Loudspeakers?



Shown: Noho C Tour-Model loudspeaker converting into case mode.
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» See animation of dolly stacked loudspeakers being deployed

AS-Series Loudspeakers are available in two versions, “Tour” and “Install”.


Both are fully weatherproof, and can be used outdoors in any conditions. There is no difference in the acoustic performance of the models.

Tour models include a gasketed lid (see animation at left), which can be clamped onto the front of the loudspeaker to form a secure sealed mil-spec flight case.  Tour models also include recessed handles.

Install models do not include the lid and handles.

Note that the smaller MP-Series Loudspeakers only come in a “no-lid”/ install version.

Typically, Tour models are used for mobile sound reinforcement, while the Install models are used for permanent installation. However, customers sometimes select the Tour models for permanent installation so that the Tour Lid can be clamped onto the loudspeakers for off-season storage. The tour lids are not required for weatherproof performance – they are simply a way to “harden” the installed speaker’s face from vandalism, etc.