14 Available Colors

Optional Loudspeaker Colors

The standard Technomad loudspeaker color is black, but they are available in any of the following colors for a modest up-charge. Because pigment is rotomolded through the Mil-Spec polyethylene cabinet wall, the color remains even if the loudspeaker is scraped or hit. All colors are UV-stabilized and do not fade in the sun.

Note: because of browser color display limitations, actual plastic colors may vary slightly from those shown below.

Read more about how Technomad loudspeakers are made (and what makes them better than “consumer grade” plastic loudspeakers) by reading the How It’s Made Article.

Black (standard)
Desert Sand
Forest Green
Olive Drab
Dark Blue

 * Can be ordered with no minimum quantity, per box upcharge may apply.

Other colors:  minimum quantity requirements apply, per cabinet upcharge.

Custom colors available for matching fee and per cabinet upcharge.

Vernal loudspeakers molded in a variety of colors