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Model#: IPA1

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Description: This audio system includes everything you need to cover 200+ listeners. System Includes: 2 x weatherproof Vienna 16 Loudspeakers , 2 x 50′ 12-Gauge Outdoor Speaker Cable, 1 x Technomad 050 amplifier (2 x 175W), 1 x 6U Storage Case for Mixer and Amp, 2 x Wallmount Adapter, 1 x Technomad M1 6-channel mixer with 2 Mic, 1 x 1/8″ stereo font-mounted input for iPod™/Mp3 player and 4 rear stereo RCA inputs for line inputs, 1 x Switched Dynamic Microphone and Cable, All patch cords, assembly, and testing. Amp can drive up to 6 Vienna loudspeakers. Shipping Weight: 150 lbs.

Note: For large, outdoor, football-game type uses we suggest the IPA2 or IPA3.

Installation is easy – all you have to do is plug in the mixer and amplifier, attach the speaker cables, and turn on! You can easily connect an iPod/MP3 player, CD player or tape deck to the system, if desired. There are multiple rear mixer inputs, and a 1/8″ stereo input is provided on the front of the mixer so you can directly attach your music playback wwwice with a standard 1/8″ cable. A handheld microphone is included. The loudspeakers can be bolted to the outside of a press box or other location as needed. Loudspeakers are fully weatherproof, IP56-rated.

Options include wireless mics, MP3 instant playback system, our NEW! super-powerful OSLO subwoofer, more.

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