Technomad Turnkey PA System Powers Texas High School Sports Audio

I recommend Technomad loudspeakers to anyone needing to upgrade their stadium sound with a great weatherproof system. – Bear Bryant

Technomad recently supplied a Turnkey PA System featuring two Noho C loudspeakers to San Marcos Academy in Texas to replace an aging horn system inside its football stadium.  The school also purchased two Nohos for the baseball field on campus.  The school plans to share the Turnkey PA System amplifier for both installations.

We received this note today from Mr. Bear Bryant, the Technology Director at San Marcos Academy in Texas:

“I would like to tell you how pleased I am with our new Technomad stadium sound system.  I recently purchased and installed the IPA2 turnkey system which included two Noho C speakers on the press box of our football stadium.  I am attaching some photos of our football install.

I researched outdoor speakers and decided the Technomad line was worth exploring.  I checked into your existing customer base and saw many applications that matched our needs.  I was particularly impressed with the weather durability of the Noho loudspeakers.  The Texas weather around here creates a wide range of conditions, from very humid to hot and dry.  I needed something that could stand up to this fluctuation.

The sound quality of our old horn system was very poor and almost to the point where we were embarrassed by the unintelligibility of the announcer.  I have been lugging some Yamaha speakers up on top of the press box for game night in order to provide decent sound quality.  That worked fine unless we had inclement weather, and of course I tired of hauling the equipment around.

I am impressed with the wide 120-degree horizontal coverage pattern of the Noho loudspeakers.  With just two loudspeakers I am able to cover 180 degrees along the home field side, and with the overlap can project across the field to the visitors side.

While the primary use is for play-by-play announcements, we also use it for pre-game music and halftime entertainment.  Our regular announcer has a fantastic “radio voice,” and with the Technomad system his baritone gets the crowd excited and into the game.   The 1000 watts of the P-1 amplifier provides plenty of power to get everyone’s attention when we score and I play the “Bear Growl!”

I also purchased two additional Noho loudspeakers to be permanently mounted at our baseball field.  At the end of the season I will simply move the amp case to the baseball press box and plug it in.  We will enjoy great sound there as well.

Since installing this system I have had many compliments on how good it sounds from fans as well as from administration.  I recommend Technomad loudspeakers to anyone needing to upgrade their stadium sound with a great weatherproof system.”

In addition to the amplifier and weatherproof loudspeakers, Technomad Turnkey PA Systems also feature a six-channel mixer, a dynamic wired microphone, cables, connectors and a signal processing rack with additional rack space.