San Mateo Community College District in California has standardized using Technomad

The College Of San Mateo Overhauls Its Athletic Facilities’ Audio Systems

Below is an excerpt from a feature story in the March issue of Systems Contractor News.

The San Mateo Community College District, College of San Mateo, Skyline College, and the Canada College recently updated the sound systems for several of their sports facilities. Some of the prior systems were around 30 years old or just non-existent, in the case of several outdoor fields.

For all the systems installed, Technomad Vienna and Noho loudspeakers were used. “We found out about Technomad from Lloyd McKinney Associates, and they brought us some to test out,” said Jim Petromilli (Director of Instructional Technology at San Mateo Community College District). “We were impressed with the sound quality and how rugged they were. We worked with them to design a first installation and had nothing but accolades about the sound quality, so we just moved forward and have been very pleased with them.