Technomad Military PA Systems

Technomad makes high-powered weatherproof military PA systems and communications equipment. Our complete ready-to use military PA systems include Technomad’s mil-spec weatherproof loudspeakers and a pre-wired flight case control rack with integrated amplifier, mixer, microphone, and CD/Tape player. Stands and cables are included. Systems can be used alone, or linked via digital wireless link kits or Ethernet / fiber optic systems for base-wide / large area use.
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» Popular Item: the SuperConductor™ military audio MP3 player-recorder… play sounds instantly by hand or automatically via internal clock. » New! Introducing the LMR Interface – lets your team speak through your Technomad PA system using your current Land Mobile Radios.

Technomad military PA systems can be deployed in 15 minutes or less by one operator, and are used for permanent installations or mobile / tactical operations. Systems are palletizable. Operating range: up to 1 mile. If tactical applications, force protection, psyops, high quality music and speech reproduction, or site-wide paging is your priority, Technomad is your solution. Request a demo today!


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