The Technomad Berlin loudspeaker

Technomad at Jillian’s

March 2, 2001 – Over ten years ago, Steven Foster, Jillian’s Founder and CEO, recognized the need for an adult and family driven destination that offers food, beverage, and socially interactive ice-breaking entertainment. – All in an exciting yet non-threatening environment. Since then, Jillian’s has developed into 35 individual clubs varying in size (15,000 and 75,000 square feet), and operating as a complete multidimensional “Eat! Drink! Play!” facility.

Each Jillian’s locations operate a variety of different entertainment and dining venues all under one roof. Most Jillian’s locations include 2 restaurants, a classic billiards lounge, an over-the-top bowling experience, the latest electronic simulation attractions, dancing, live music and the best sports and media viewing anywhere. Each Jillian location also features four nightclubs designed to entertain anyone of legal age.

Presently, Jillian’s has locations in Washington, California, Arizona, Texas, Minneapolis, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Several new Jillian locations that recently came online made use of Technomad VERNAL loudspeakers for their background and foreground sound systems. Indianapolis, Indiana, Champaign Illinois, Hanover, Maryland and Houston Texas locations installed as many as 14 Technomad Vernal 15s per location.

The low-profile Technomad Vernal 15 full range loudspeaker features a smooth, cosmetically clean design that adds to its transparent sound quality. While the Technomad Vernal 15 is a weather-resistant loudspeaker, Jillian’s selected the Vernal for its ability to project over high ambient noise levels while still delivering a smooth, articulate, full-range musical response. The Vernal 15, possibly the smallest loudspeaker on the market that features a 1″ diameter ceramic high-frequency driver, mounted on a 120¡ X 120¡ horn, is designed to deliver high-fidelity, audiophile-quality performance in such ‘sonically intense’ applications. Also impressive is the detailed and articulate low-end from the Vernal 15’s purpose-built 5.5″ bass transducer, a component that took Technomad over two years to design and perfect. The 60 watt (120 watt peak), 8 Ohm Vernal 15 features a sensitivity rating of 91 dB SPL (800 Hz to 10 kHz, 1w/1m C.W.) and can deliver maximum, long-term SPL of 96 dB (100 dB peak), at a frequency response of 100 Hz -18 kHz.

The Vernal is also available in a dual-mode version which lets the user select 8-Ohm or 70-volt operation (featuring 10, 20, 40, and an unheard-of 60 Watt power taps!), using a convenient brass switch on the back of the cabinet. Jillian’s often used the 60-watt / 70-volt setting, which delivered high SPL, excellent fidelity and great bass response with the convenience of 70-volt wiring.”

The high ambient noise level of each Jillian’s makes it difficult for many, if not all, small profile loudspeakers to project over the din of the crowds. The design criteria called for articulate, full-range music that would not get lost in the noise floor, or be reduced to mid-range, transistor radio-like delivery during peak operating hours when the facilities are at maximum capacity.

The manager’s at the aforementioned Jillian locations were quick to point out, the full-range musical response of the Technomad Vernal 15s, even down into the lower frequencies, is detailed, complete, accurate and very smooth.

One manager stated, the output is very impressive. I cannot believe that much music comes out of such a small cabinet. It’s important to have quality music enhance the environment. When an underpowered loudspeaker has to compete with the noise of the environment, it becomes a distraction when it’s pushed to the point of sounding strident. That’s when people focus on the sound and the loudspeakers for all the wrong reasons.

With the Technomads, no one notices the loudspeakers. They just deliver the quality sound so the music is an integral part of the room and the experience. The music surrounds the patron and the loudspeakers are completely transparent. That’s way we want a sound system to perform and we’re happy to say, our systems perform perfectly.

Jillian’s is headquartered at 1387 S. Fourth Street, Louisville, KY 40208.
Phone: 502.638.9008. Fax: 502.638.0984.