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Vernal Loudspeakers from Technomad Welcome Christmas Spirit to Norwood

While the holidays were anything but traditional in 2020, a recent installation of Vernal speakers from Technomad welcomed the season in style to the city square in Norwood, MA. The city of Norwood wanted to share music throughout its city square and park, and Parsons Audio recommended the Technomad Vernal as a great weatherproof option. The speakers now ring with Christmas carols, holiday, and light classical music for all to enjoy.

Parsons Audio is a leading dealer in professional audio products in New England, Florida and beyond. Parsons also offers expertise in installation and ongoing customer support and has successfully installed a variety of Technomad products for clients.

“The city and its residents are really happy with the speakers and sent us a video on the first snowy day with Christmas carols playing as the snow swirled around,” said Roger Talkov, managing partner for Parsons Audio, based in Wellesley. “We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about these compact speakers that work great no matter what the weather conditions.

Norwood, “the town everyone returns to,” also hosts “Carillon Concerts on the Common,” which feature church bells and music in addition to other summer concerts and outdoor music.

The Vernal line of ultra-compact, full-range speakers from Technomad is peerless in performance and design. Built for permanent outdoor installation in all climates, the speakers account for higher ambient noise levels in the great outdoors to produce clear sounds through state-of-the-art low-frequency drivers.

The smallest speaker in the Technomad MP Series, the Vernal is 9 by 6 by 6 inches and only weighs 8.5 pounds, making for easy installation. Available in 14 colors, the speakers include dual-mode operation and can be wall- or yoke-mounted.

In addition to the compact speakers, Parsons Audio has also installed Technomad’s Carillon systems and the Schedulon Automatic Audio Player, among other local sound installations. The world’s best outdoor PA systems have been made in Massachusetts since 1995.

With a 25-year legacy, Technomad continues to make all of its products locally in Deerfield, Mass., and work with clients across the globe, including Disney, Universal Studios, the U.S. military and many more. The world’s first truly weatherproof professional-grade loudspeakers are recognized for their quality, durability and performance.

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Technomad Loudspeakers Make a Splash in Georgia

While the pool environment—with water, humidity, chlorine, and abundant ambient noise—can be challenging when it comes to speaker installation, Auburn AV turned to Technomad for a recent natatorium installation at a boarding school in Tallulah Falls, Ga.

Auburn AV CEO John Crawford chose a mixture of Noho and of Vernal speakers from Technomad to provide clear distributed audio across the school’s pool deck, bleachers and viewing balcony. Together, the compact speakers provide two-way, full-range and weatherproof loudspeakers for events, swim meets, music and more. To minimize the effect of the venue acoustics, each area is zoned so speakers can be turned on and off as best suited for each event.

Crawford selected the speakers because they “are rugged and reliable in an area where it is tough to provide quality audio. They were the best fit for our needs and their technical service is great,” he said.

Ideal for sport and performance environments, Noho speakers are Technomad’s flagship product, with sleek design and a rotationally molded shell with outstanding acoustic properties. The three-layer WeatherTech grill protects the weatherproof driver from moisture and the elements. Noho speakers are available in 14 colors with the option of wall or pole mount.

The Vernal line of ultra-compact, full-range speakers from Technomad was developed for permanent outdoor installation in all climates. The speakers account for higher ambient noise levels in the pool environment to produce clear sounds through state-of-the-art low frequency drivers. Designed for easy installation, the Vernal is the smallest speaker in the Technomad MP Series. Also available in 14 colors, the speakers include dual-mode operation and can be wall- or yoke-mounted.

With locations in Auburn, Ala., and Ayden, N.C., Auburn AV is known for its high-quality installation, design, production and rentals of audio, video and lighting.

“This project featured a relatively small pool deck, which makes maintenance a real challenge,” Crawford added. “We wanted something that could withstand direct contact with pool water while providing quality audio and an extended service life.”

Making products locally in Deerfield, Mass. for more than 25 years, Technomad supports clients across the globe, including Disney, Universal Studios, the U.S. military and many more.  The world’s first truly weatherproof professional-grade loudspeakers are recognized for their quality, durability and performance.

For more information about Noho and Vernal speakers or other solutions from Technomad, please visit https://www.technomad.com/.

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Technomad Makes Loudspeakers with Heat from the Sun

Sustainable process improves quality while significantly reducing costs and carbon footprint

BOSTON, April 3, 2020 – Technomad redefines sustainable audiovisual equipment with a partnership that brings solar technology to its already-green plastic loudspeaker manufacturing process.  The new manufacturing method reduces production costs by nearly 30 percent while reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Technomad has long been associated with sustainable manufacturing, producing durable, weatherproof MilSpec loudspeakers using recycled plastic.  As a result, Technomad loudspeakers are often specified in AV projects with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements.

In 2016, Technomad teamed up with LightManufacturing LLC, which developed a unique patent-pending method of molding plastic with solar heat.  The company’s unique Solar Rotational Molding (SRM™) systems eliminate greenhouse gasses associated with traditional rotational molding while reducing manufacturing costs — an unusual combination in a world that equates ‘green’ with unaffordable.

The partnership began by manufacturing three of Technomad’s loudspeakers using the solar methodology.  Now in 2020, all Technomad products are sustainably molded by LightManufacturing at its California facility.

“Technomad is the first company in the professional audio industry to take advantage of solar thermal energy,” said Rodger von Kries, vice president of Technomad.  “We’ve always worked on the cutting edge of green manufacturing, being the first company to use 100 percent recycled plastic to make loudspeaker cabinets.  The LightManufacturing partnership brings new advantages by reducing our costs while benefiting the environment.”

LightManufacturing’s SRM process uses heliostats – computer-controlled mirrors – to concentrate heat from the sun onto a mold and melt the plastic inside.  The sun’s thermal energy is used directly, avoiding the costs of making electricity with photovoltaic panels.  The process delivers higher quality parts at a lower cost than traditional rotational molding, with typical savings of 10 to 30 percent.  The nearly silent SRM systems use no natural gas or external AC power, and the hardware costs less than traditional rotational molding systems.

“This partnership shows that the solar molding process can deliver high-quality, reduced-cost parts for manufacturers right out of the gate,” said Mark Severy, a consultant at LightManufacturing.  “Technomad came to us with a 15-year history of making world-class products.  We met their requirements for outstanding quality, lower cost — and zero carbon emissions.”

In addition to molding loudspeaker enclosures and products for other clients at its California facility, LightManufacturing deployed a Solar Molding System to mold water storage tanks on the Big Island of Hawaii.


LightManufacturing LLC’s unique process re-invents rotational molding and other plastic molding processes through the use of heliostats and solar thermal energy.  The company works with equipment builders, plastic molders, large-scale end-users of plastic components, governments and NGOs to create sustainable and economically-competitive manufacturing solutions. For more information: call 415-796-6475; e-mail [email protected]; watch this videoor visit LightManufacturing Inc.

For more information about LightManufacturing’s hawaii-made water tanks, please visit bigisland.lm.solar.



Technomad installed at the Highest Peak in Georgia

Brasstown Bald may be so remote that even GPS mapping systems can’t find it, but Technomad is there. 

Local dealer CANA recently installed the black Vernal ultra-compact, weatherproof, full-range loudspeaker on the highest mountain in Georgia – 4,784 feet above sea level to be exact.   A climb up the steps and over the rail was all that it took to get the speakers installed atop the Brasstown Bald Visitor Center.

The forestry service will use the speakers to make announcements to guests visiting the grounds of the visitor center.  While we think the speakers are a good reason to visit the center, the taxidermy exhibit of bears right below the speakers is a pretty compelling reason to visit too.

Located in the northeastern section of the state of Georgia, the off-season temperatures and weather at Brasstown Bald can be pretty rugged.  There is a recorded low temperature of -27 F and the winds, fog and storms can get fierce.  However, the weatherproof Vernal system will continue to bring high-quality sound to every announcement from the park service.


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Technomad Vernal Speakers Celebrate 10 Years Aboard Marine Cruise Boat

Climb aboard one of Sarasota Bay Explorers Sea Life Encounter Cruise’s and you’ll be in for a treat. The marine biologist led tours take visitors on a 1-hour 45-minute cruise through Sarasota and Roberts Bay, where tourists observe manatees, bottlenose dolphins, puffer fish and more. The tours are broadcast over Technomad’s very own ultra-compact and waterproof, Vernal speakers. Six Vernal speakers are strategically placed throughout the 40-foot pontoon boats ensuring that every passenger can clearly hear announcements on wildlife sightings and learn from the expert biologists on the intricacies of the bay ecosystem.

Vernal, Technomad speakers, waterproof speakers

Bob Heere, Director of Operations at Sarasota Bay Explorers, originally heard about the speakers via a word of mouth recommendation. The original Vernals were installed in 2007 along with a Lanolin electric paste to protect the terminals.  “They performed wonderfully,” says Bob, “they did exactly what they were supposed to do and lasted 10+ years despite daily exposure to salt water, fog, and sea spray.”

Vernal, Technomad speakers, waterproof speakers

Vernal, Technomad speakers, waterproof speakers Vernal, Technomad speakers, waterproof speakers

In 2018, the original Vernal’s were finally retired and replaced by a half-dozen brand new Vernal’s which were installed by sound technicians from Prime AV. Even though they spent their life at sea, when disassembled, the Vernal’s showed no evidence of internal damage or salt intrusion, a testament toTechnomad’s rugged, weatherproof designs.

“If you have a need for an outdoor speaker in any environment, these speakers will meet that need,” Mr. Heere attests. “If they can sit out in salt conditions for 10 years, they can survive anywhere.”

Interested in learning more about the Vernal speakers? Contact us now or check out other examples of Vernal installations throughout the world.

Vernal’s at SkiStar in northern Sweden

Vernal’s in Chicago River Sightseeing Boats

Vernal’s in Club Med, Mexico

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Sea Life Encounter Cruise by Sarasota Bay Explorers

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