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A Web-Tour of our Favorite Stadiums

Summer is in full swing, but Fall’s coming.  In a little pre-celebration of our busiest time of year, we thought we’d give you a tour of some of our favorite stadium audio installations.

An Amazing Stadium in Ethopia, near the Red Sea. Quite ‘far from home’, an array of Noho Ci loudspeakers provide excellent sound for this world-class soccer and aquatics venue.

Tacoma Washington Historic Stadium. Installed right on the salt water of the Sound. Technomad weatheproof loudspeakers sound great while withstanding extreme coastal environments. Click for photos, a map, and more.
French Soccer Stadium On the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea! Click for install photos and current weather.
Jamsil Olympic Baseball Stadium, Seoul Korea seats 30 thousand fans. Click for photos and a view from space.  Multiple Technomad stadium loudspeakers deployed.
Alvin Texas High School Stadium, a great install right near the Gulf Coast – with all the heat and rain that implies. Click for photos and the current weather (hot) in Alvin.
Harvard University – four Technomad Noho C loudspeakers, mounted high on lighting poles at opposite sidelines at the center of the multi-purpose field.  This easily blanketed the bleachers, sidelines and fields with crisp, clear audio for the first soccer game of the season..
An install at a university much older than the USA.
Stadium Home Videos and Comments – some great video footage of Technomad stadium installs, and comments from the folks who put them in. Let us know if you’ve got photos to share of your install.
Wildcat Stadium – super example of a Scoreboard PA system, where the loudspeakers are mounted on the scoreboard and powered by a PowerChiton waterproof amplifier.  Wireless or wired signal comes from the pressbox.

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Wildcat Stadium Upgrades to Technomad IPA3 Audio System

As fans file into the bleachers at the Home of the Wildcats, the crowd can now clearly hear the EHS Fight Song as it fills the entire Wildcat Stadium over the recently upgraded PA System. Enterprise High School in Enterprise Alabama chose a top-of-the line Scoreboard PA System to provide great-sounding audio quality at their Stadium. The system is simple to install and operate, producing clear speech and playing satisfying music year-round.   The system is based on Technomad’s flagship Berlin 15H outdoor stadium loudspeaker. 

Not only does the high-powered Scoreboard PA system project sound clearly, but also can weather harsh elements from intense humidity to powerful storms. Technomad’s loudspeakers have proven their weather resistant abilities by regularly withstanding the severe and unpredictable weather in the Gulf of Mexico. The U.S. made and military-derived loudspeakers were created to overcome any challenge with ease.

The weatherproof system will continue to bring high-quality sound to every game at Wildcat Stadium, rain or shine.

At Technomad, we combine advanced weatherproofing technology with military-specification enclosures and first-rate acoustic designs.    The result?  Clear, intelligible speech and high-quality music even in challenging outdoor applications.  

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Noho Weatherproof Loudspeakers at work in Alabama Music Venue

Technomad’s Noho weatherproof loudspeakers were put to the test during the inaugural Fireside Music Festival in Huntsville, Alabama. Forsyth Consulting designed and installed an outdoor sound system using six Noho weatherproof loudspeakers with 400 watt, 70 volt transformers for the newly constructed event space, The Camp at MidCity. Due to inclement weather, the speakers were installed using a boom lift in the rain and the first three days fo the festival were canceled. The Noho weatherproof loudspeakers withstood the conditions and were ready to perform when the sun came out for the last day of the festival.

Kevin Forsyth, President of Forsyth Consulting stated “The owner [of The Camp at MidCity] wanted great full range sound, and we gave it to him with Technomad being the only supplier who could deliver with less than two weeks’ notice. It was a significant success, and the owners loved the sound quality of the system and the aesthetics which matched the Camp Environment.” Forsyth stated the speakers were tapped at 400 watts, and driven with 400 watts per speaker providing more than enough volume and qualify full range audio for background music, wireless microphone, hardwired mic jack, and television audio to create a truly unique and flexible environment for a facility that is still evolving.

Forsyth went on to say, “We greatly appreciate RCP Development giving us the opportunity to demonstrate what could be done with short notice by Forsyth Consulting, Inc. With the cooperation of Rodger von Kries at Technomad, we were able to meet delivery in a very tight window. We are looking forward to more projects using the Technomad weatherproof loudspeakers”.

More Information:

Forsyth Consulting website. 40 years’ experience in acoustic analysis and recommendations, audio and video systems design, implementation and background music using state of the art – reliable – and proven technologies

The Camp at Huntsville website

Fireside Music Festival


Noho Weatherproof Loudspeaker


Wellington School Installs Technomad IPA2 Turnkey PA System at Soccer Field

The Wellington School (Columbus, OH) recently purchased and installed a Technomad IPA2 Turnkey PA System in a makeshift press box at the school’s new soccer field. The Turnkey PA System was provided by SPL Integrated Solutions, a headquartered in Columbia, MD with a sales office in Richmond, IN. Ruscilli Construction Co., (Columbus, OH) designed and built the soccer field, including bleachers and press boxes, and integrated the PA systems. The field was designed and developed over the winter, and the installation was completed in March, 2007. SPL recommended Technomad for a variety of reasons, including the weatherproof loudspeaker design, due to the year-round outdoor installation, and high quality audio output for music and voice. According to Benny Young, Account Executive at SPL, an important reason for selecting the Technomad system was the company’s ability to provide a special amplifier option to drive the audio signal over a long distance.

”This was a challenging project because the home team bleachers do not include a press box and they wanted the announcer to be located on the opposite side of the field where the home team assembles,” said Young. ‘Since the initial design plans didn’t include an actual press box, Ruscilli Construction Co. had to pipe under the synthetic grass surface to run speaker cables to a field box where the portable Technomad PA equipment rack connects. The longer than average distance between the amplifier and loudspeakers across the field required a Technomad custom package with a 70 volt amplifier.’

Young added that Technomad recommended a special adaptive mounting bracket that enabled the Ruscilli electrician to install the loudspeakers on round metal light poles, since the traditional flat-surface press box installation was not an option. The two Noho C loudspeakers are installed on one light pole with one speaker covering the home bleachers and the other speaker aimed across the field for the best possible audio dispersion. SPL provided wiring and integration advice to Ruscilli Construction Co. throughout the course of the project.

”The Technomad loudspeakers provide excellent sound quality for voice,” said Young. ‘Because they are speaker cabinets and not horn systems, the Nohos have woofers that reproduce the low frequencies of the human voice. They also play music back at high quality. This is a shortcoming of a horn system, which tend to feature all mid and high frequencies with no bass. The weatherproof design is also important because there is no concern of them being affected by harsh weather.’ The installation itself was anything but routine. During the first test and training session with the Wellington School Athletic Department and Boosters, first it rained, then sleets, then snow. Despite the inclement weather, all the tests ran smoothly and the system operated perfectly. SPL Integrated Solutions, Inc. Richmond, IN 765-939-2190

Technomad Noho C loudspeakers, Wellington School

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Technomad Installed at the College of New Jersey Football Stadium

Ewing, New Jersey – The College of New Jersey recently installed a new, fully weather-resistant sound system in 9,000 seats New Jersey Lions Football Stadium. The system consists of eight 350 watt Technomad Noho/C loudspeakers powered by two QSC PLX amplifiers. The system is used for game announcements and pre-recorded music playback.

The College of New Jersey Lions Football Stadium is an all-purpose field used year-round for Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, and Football. The field also hosts Division 1 and 3 Conference teams. The field also plays host 13-15,000 guests and students for the College’s annual Graduation Ceremony.

The College of New Jersey’s Jon Bannan, oversaw the installation of the system. Jon is in charge of overseeing all upgrades to, as well as installations of, all of the school’s Sound Systems. Having never heard the Technomad loudspeakers before, Jon made the decision to purchase the Noho/C loudspeakers based upon the company’s reputation of producing mil-spec loudspeakers that can withstand all forms of in climate weather and abuse. Another important decision was the low-profile appearance of the Technomad Noho/C loudspeakers. Jon states, “I had looked into other weather-resistant loudspeakers, but they were big and unsightly and could not be mounted where they had to be positioned. Even if I could install the other loudspeakers where they had to go, they would have obstructed the sight-lines of too many seats.”

Jon notes, “It had to be a clean-looking, low profile system installation yet have the output I needed to cover 9,000 people. I didn’t want oversized, unsightly white or beige air raid horns or bulbous cannon-looking things hanging from all the light poles.” Jon ponders, “Air raid horns? The Cold War is over, and the latter option would look like the wind blew all the plastic garbage cans up onto the lampposts.” Jon continues, “The Technomads were also hundreds of dollars less per speaker.”

Jon states, “When the loudspeakers finally arrived, they appeared even smaller in real-life then what I had expected. I was starting to get worried that they were going to be too small in comparison to the overall size of the stadium.” Jon continues, “But, as soon as I powered up the amplifier rack and pumped some music through the system, I was very impressed. The Noho/Cs absolutely amazed me.”

The Stadium’s light poles were perfectly positioned for the installation of the eight Technomad Noho/Cs. “It’s as if someone had this speaker installation in mind when they installed the light poles,” Jon says. The poles are located halfway up the stadium seating, providing the perfect place where the Noho/C loudspeakers could provide complete sound coverage for all the seating, and not obstruct sight-lines. Jon states, “Installing two Noho/Cs per pole allowed me to provide the tightest, most accurate and even sound distribution.”

Jon adds, “The Nohos respond extremely well to my changes on EQ and I was able to dial-in the exact setting that made everyone on staff very happy. The Noho/Cs is extremely EQ compliant and offers me unrivaled control over every type of program material, regardless if it’s recorded music, spoken word or sound effects.” Jon notes, “A soundman can add lower end punch to the music program during half-time events with just a simple low-frequency EQ boost, and the crowd can actually hear and feel it!”

The two QSC PLX 1602 power amps, running in parallel, drive the Technomad loudspeakers. A Furman ASD 120 Power Sequencer, a DBX 266XL, a Rane dual31 band EQ, and Alesis 12R mixer make-up the signal processing equipment. To keep the processing gear free and clear of prying hands, the processing rack is located in a separate room. A Sony Tape Deck and CD player is located in the Press Box. Twelve wall-mounted mic jacks are also strategically installed in the Press Box. Jon notes, “All a tech has to do is plug in a mic and cue the commentator.” Jon points out, “The system is not constantly staffed by a tech, so I designed the system to be as turnkey as possible. All a tech or an announcer has to do is turn the key and they have power.”

“My boss, the Athletic department, the teams and the cheerleaders are very happy with the dramatic improvement in the sound quality and clarity the Noho’s produce,” Jon states proudly. “The wide dispersion and quick cut-off of the Noho’s 12″ coaxial driver is as equally impressive as the high-fidelity sound it produces.”

With the previous sound system, Jon continually experienced problems with ‘sound bleeding’ off the field into the surrounding neighborhood. “I don’t believe a lot of effort was put into the properly installing the previous speaker system,” Jon notes. “You could hear sound everywhere except on the field. Pedestrians and neighbors of the school could hear the announcer and music far off campus, unintelligibly and loudly I might add, which resulted in many complaints.” Jon quips, “I don’t think we would have received so many sound bleed complaints if the previous sound system just sounded halfway decent.”

Jon concludes, “As soon as the system was up-and-running, I walked the field and the seating and I could not find a single hot spot or dead spot. It’s complete, even distribution. Then I stepped outside of the complex for the most important test. The sound cut-off to more than acceptable levels as soon as I got out of the seating area. The best part, no complaints opening day and since then! Just compliments.”