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Amazing Stadium and Pool Project, Ethiopia

Remarkable photos shared by our importer in Ethiopia.  An array of Noho Ci and Berlin loudspeakers provide audio for the brand-new Woldiya Stadium.  The stadium has a capacity of 25,600, and was completed in late 2016. [ Have a smaller stadium that needs audio?  Check out our Turn-Key Stadium PA Systems. ]

The Ethiosport blog writes “construction of the stadium will create opportunities for Woldia to host national and international competitions as it meets FIFA and IAAF requirements.

The Stadium has 10 entrance gates, a swimming pool, an eight lane competition track as well as basketball, handball, volleyball and tennis courts.

The facility also offers a world class lap swimming pool, and a competition level diving platform – both with Technomad audio systms as well.

These loudspeakers traveled a long way from our South Deerfield factory – over 6730 miles (10831 km).


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Harvard University Soccer – Audio by Technomad

Audio Associates, a full-service design, engineering, and installation company, was recently given a tight deadline to install a sports audio and PA system at Harvard University for a new soccer field. The company looked to Technomad to provide four weatherproof loudspeakers that could survive the outdoor elements, provide outstanding audio quality and be delivered to the site on short notice.

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Connecticut High Schools Power Stadium Audio with Technomad Loudspeakers

CESCO, a systems integration company based in Connecticut, has been specifying Technomad audio systems for a sizeable amount of its outdoor sports venue projects over the past five years, citing pristine audio quality, broad dispersion and weatherproof design as selling points for high school stadiums.

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Technomad Turnkey PA System Powers Outdoor Sports Audio for Hatboro-Horsham High School

Technomad LLC, a leader in weatherproof loudspeakers and audio systems since 1995, announces that Hatboro-Horsham High School in the Philadelphia suburbs is now using a Technomad Turnkey PA System to enhance audio quality and coverage for sporting events in its outdoor campus stadium.  The high school successfully used the system for its Fall 2009 football season and will use this system this spring for track and field events, as well as other outdoor sports and events.


“The clarity and functionality of the system from voice to music is amazing,” said Louis James, Athletic Director at Hatboro-Horsham High School.  “The system is used for all our home stadium athletic events along with band competitions.  The system as a whole is much better than I could have expected for high school events.”



The Technomad system, featuring two Technomad Noho weatherproof loudspeakers and a turnkey signal processing rack, replaced a pair of aging public address horns plagues by unintelligible voice reproduction and low-fidelity musical output.  According to Joe Torquato, Owner and President of systems integration firm Omega Electronics, Hatboro-Horsham was looking to install something with the fidelity and response of a home audio system.

“The days of using the plain old football field horns with a simple driver and limited frequency response are over,” said Torquato.  “Students and their parents are used to the quality their mp3 players, iPods and CD players deliver and expect the same quality from pre-show and halftime music.  The new system allows for easy hookup of these devices.  The Nohos provide plenty of high end; they also reproduce lows and mids very well, which is critical to high-quality musical output.  The amount of power they put out covers the entire field.  And the clarity of the voice is excellent.  It is a very smooth sounding loudspeaker with no dropouts.”

Torquato and his team set up the system in under four hours, installing the Nohos on the press box façade following masonry work to smooth the textured brick surface for the mounts.  The IP56-rated weatherproof design of the loudspeakers mean that they will remain outside and unprotected from the elements year-round.

“The 120×120 conical pattern of the Noho means that installers don’t have to fuss with the angles in the way that a 60×40 angle cabinet would require,” added Torqauto.  “Off-axis, it has a very wide, smooth response that allows two loudspeakers to cover the entire field, just as it does on-axis.  That flexibility, along with the weatherproof design, is a big reason why I especially like the Noho for high school football and soccer fields.  Following the installation, the athletic director walked the entire field around the track and was amazed at the sound quality and coverage.”



The Nohos are wired to a rolling signal processing rack inside the press box. The Technomad Turnkey PA system rack comes complete with a pre-wired amplifier and a six-channel mixer with front-panel iPod/mp3 inputs, as well as a hard-wired microphone.  


“One thing that has always impressed me about the Technomad Turnkey PA systems is that I never have to add EQ to the rack,” said Torqauto.  “I’ve never had any feedback issues or EQ problems with Technomad loudspeakers, especially with the upper low and lower mid.  That’s impressive when the loudspeakers are mounted directly to the face of the press box with open windows and a flat, low-end radiating surface, and PA announcements aren’t affected at all.”

Technomad Berlin Loudspeakers Project Voice and Music for Tennessee State Soccer Association

Technomad LLC, a leader in weatherproof loudspeakers and audio systems since 1995, announces that Chattanooga Sound, a sound contractor based in Chattanooga, Tenn., has installed two Berlin weatherproof loudspeakers on a new soccer field for the Tennessee State Soccer Association in the nearby town of Cleveland.

The Berlin is the most powerful loudspeaker Technomad offers, offering unmatched projection, fidelity and power in an all-environment, IP56-compliant design.According to Charlie Rhodes, president of Chattanooga Sound, the soccer association approached him to procure and design the end-to-end system after discovering Technomad online.The Berlins are mounted on opposite sideline poles, one pointing in each direction toward the field to cover the entire venue.


Technomad Berlin loudspeakers are mounted on opposite poles at either side of the soccer field bleachers to project voice and music onto the field and to all spectators
Technomad Berlin loudspeakers are mounted on opposite poles at either side of the soccer field bleachers to project voice and music onto the field and to all spectators


“The Berlins offer a very high SPL and a two-inch driver that makes a world of difference when projecting spoken word over long distances,” said Rhodes.“These are full-range loudspeakers that reproduce lows, mids and highs very well, and the two-inch driver helps project the mids and highs for that extra distance.The musical reproduction is also outstanding, although voice is the most important aspect of this system.”

Rhodes first came across Technomad about five years ago when he replaced an audio system at Rock City, a 15-acre tourist destination outside of Chattanooga that was forced to continually replace outdoor loudspeakers adversely affected by inclement weather, high heat and humidity.Rhodes installed more than 20 Technomad Vernal loudspeakers at Rock City that continue to operate after four-plus years of unprotected use.

“Like Rock City, the Berlins for this project will be sitting out in the open, and in this part of the state we get all kinds of weather with temperatures that range from near zero to more than 100 degrees,” said Rhodes.“The bonus is that the weatherproof design in no way compromises the sound quality.”


The Technomad Berlins offer very high SPL and a two-inch driver to enable clear projection of spoken word over long distances
The Technomad Berlins offer very high SPL and a two-inch driver to enable clear projection of spoken word over long distances


The end-to-end system designed by Rhodes also features an Ashly line mixer, dbx processor, Shure wireless microphones and a Denon CD player.The system was installed by local volunteers with Rhodes on hand to consult and set audio and EQ levels.