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Technomad Loudspeakers to Power Through Crowd Noise at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The PA system features 16 Technomad weatherproof loudspeakers over a four-block area for outdoor public address and entertainment. The loudspeakers are otherwise being used this summer to simulcast programming from a local radio station, and will remain in place for future downtown events.

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Corporate Sound & Lighting Inc.

Article appearing in Pro Sound News Magazine, December 1995

“Corporate and Black-Tie functions are not like regular club gigs where if you have a bad night, the audience half expects it and they know they can always come again another night when you’re ‘on’.” states Joe Klein, president of Corporate Sound and Lighting of North Attleboro, Massachusetts. “As a sound professional specializing in corporate and industrial event sound, I need to be ‘on’ constantly. These events are extremely important regional fund-raisers, annual parties or very intense, morale building, national shareholders or sales meetings. A lot is riding on the audio presentation. If it’s ‘off’, the whole mood, flow and message is lost, attendees are discouraged, corporate executives are disappointed and I would never be called back to do the job again. There can never be any mistakes.”

To make all of his events perfect and continually generate repeat business for his company, Joe stays on the cutting edge of audio technology combined with proven, established technology, to meet the growing demands of his clients. Corporate Sound and Lighting stocks several of the better known loudspeaker lines, but it was the recent acquisition of Technomad loudspeakers that Joe attributes to his continuing success specializing in providing sound and lighting for many New England based corporate giants.

“Technomads are the ultimate in multi-purpose loudspeakers,” Joe states. “Since acquiring the Technomads at the end of 1994, I’ve been using them for all of my corporate events. Depending upon the speaker model, Technomads can function as monitors, floor or flying side-fills, drum monitors, you name it. When I use the Technomads, I find I need only about half the amount of loudspeakers than with other loudspeaker brands. The coherency and linearity is fantastic. Gain before feedback is incredible and the dispersion is mindboggling. There is no lost energy and even behind the FOH system, on stage, the coherency is fantastic. I can’t get over the efficiency of the Technomad loudspeakers. The Technomads sound so natural compared to anything I’ve ever heard.” Joe continues, “Since the Technomads are the only self-casing loudspeakers I know of, set-up and tear-down is fast and easy and truck packs are a safe, secure and solid dream-come-true. What other speaker systems are out there where you can just throw the lids on them, stack and latch and away- you-go?”

Events range in size from a small sales meeting of 300 for the computer peripheral manufacturer EMC2 to a Dorchester political rally of 3,000. One recent event was the Cardinal Cushing Charity fund-raiser held at the Sheraton in Boston. 1,500 people gathered in the 100 foot long and 80 foot wide main ballroom for this prestigious annual affair. “The event called for extreme high-fidelity for video audio playback and strong voice articulation for many speeches and announcements. For the FOH, I used a small Technomad system consisting of two Berlin 400-watt two-way full range cabinets, two Cairo 800-watt three-way bi-amped cabinets, two Chicago 1000-watt subwoofers and two Noho 300-watt full range cabinets were used as delay loudspeakers. I was concerned about providing clear, articulate sound under the two balconies that ran down the full length of each side of the room. The wide dispersion pattern from the FOH full-range Berlin and Cairo cabinets covered the under balcony area so completely and efficiently, additional under-balcony loudspeakers were not required.” Joe continues, “There were so many people at this event they were actually sitting on the loudspeakers. The Technomads have such a smooth, transparent and clean delivery, the sound level was as comfortable right in front of the loudspeakers, as it was in the back of the room.”

Another recent event involved a 15 piece big band lead by the great band leader, Illinois Jacquette. The Price Center charity fund-raiser, held in Mansfield, called for a flown FOH system consisting of only two Berlins and two Cairos. Two Nohos were flown and utilized as side fill cabinets. Joe states proudly, “Mr. Jacquette could not get over the amazing articulation coming out of, what he referred to as ‘those tiny little loudspeakers’. The Technomads were very responsive even through some of the most delicate dynamics. Mr. Jacquette stated, the music that evening gave him ‘that warm blanket feeling.'”

Amplification is exclusively Hafler model Pro 5000s. According to Joe, “The 5000s are one of the most pleasing sounding amps. They are very fast and have a great damping factor. I only use four Pro 5000 amps to power a Technomad FOH system consisting of two Berlins, two Cairos, two Chicago subwoofers and two Noho cabinets. Since the Technomads are so efficient, the Haflers are the perfect match for them.” For much larger events or should multiple events occur at the same time, Joe inventories fourteen of the Pro 5000 amps.

Mixing consoles are Soundcraft 200s. “I have three of the 200s as well as a Mackie 1604 with the expander unit and a 1202. The Mackies are usually reserved for the smaller gigs while the Soundcraft 200s go out on the live band situations and major corporate gigs. I also have an old Yamaha MC2408M that still works great.” Outboard gear is LA Audio 4C four channel compressors, Yamaha Q2031 Stereo EQs, Klark Teknik DN300 mono EQs. Effect units are from Lexicon and Yamaha. Wireless microphones are exclusively Shure LS Series Diversity wireless microphone systems with antenna distribution. “I’ve found the Shures to be very reliable in the many, many diverse situations I find myself in. I also use many other brands of mics including Beyers, Sennheisers, AKGs and EVs.”

One such diverse situation was a First Night Celebration on New Years Eve in Northampton. Several sound companies were contracted to supply over thirty Technomad loudspeakers for 12 different indoor event sights around town. Joe concludes, “The Technomads are just amazing. No matter where you were the sound was perfect. Whether it was in a very reverberant church or a small theater, the Technomads seemed to tame every acoustical environment. It was a real pleasure to work with the other sound companies in putting on such a flawless and joyous event on the first day of 1995. I stated then it was a good omen for the year and that turned out to be very true. Business has been and continues to be great.”

White House Communications Agency Upgrades to Technomad

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Technomad loudspeakers are now used for the most advanced, complex, highly coordinated, and technical ‘international touring act’ in the world; The Office of the President of the United States of America.

The White House Communications Agency recently took delivery of 50 Technomad Tour Model loudspeakers. The highly portable, self-casing Technomad loudspeakers are used, primarily, for public events by the President of the United States of America. The White House Communications Agency (WHCA) is the preeminent provider of information systems to the President, Vice President, White House Senior Staff, National Security Council, U.S. Secret Service and others as directed by the White House Military Office. This support includes non-secure voice, secure voice, record communications, audio/visual services, automated data processing support and photographic and drafting services both in Washington, D.C. and trip sites worldwide.

The 50 Technomad loudspeakers used by the WHCA agency consist of 26 Noho/C Tour Model loudspeakers and 24 of the Berlin 15/H Tour Model loudspeakers. Multiple Technomad loudspeaker systems, each consisting of four Berlin 15H loudspeakers or four Noho/Cloud loudspeakers – or a combination of both -are called upon for ten or more public appearances per day, during Presidential visits. These Technomad loudspeakers are stationed at the Anacostia Naval Station and are flown all over the world on the President’s support transport planes. Wherever in the world the President visits and makes a public appearance, 90%of the time he will speak through Technomad loudspeakers. Reliability, ruggedness, military-specification construction, and durability make the Technomad loudspeakers the best choice for an application that would destroy any other loudspeaker in a matter of weeks.

Aside from Technomad’s Military Specification-810E durability, audio performance was ultimately the deciding factor in the WHCA’s choice to purchase the Technomad loudspeakers as a massive upgrade to “The Boss’s” portable loudspeaker system.

Rob Davis is Pro Audio Manager of Markertek, a leading pro audio and broadcast equipment provider, based in Saugerties, New York. As the dealer of record, Rob states, “For high-performance applications, where durability and reliability are of paramount concerns, nothing comes close to Technomad.” Continuing, Rob notes, “The Technomad loudspeakers were designed for those audio applications where the equipment is going to be subjected to extreme road use and abuse. When we were approached by WHCA technical staff for recommendations on the most durable and best sounding mobile loudspeaker for the President’s sound system, I simply advised them, there are no alternatives to Technomad. Personally and professionally, I have mixed on Technomad sound systems, and aside from the fact they are the most road-worthy loudspeaker in the world, they also sound extraordinary.”

Technomad loudspeakers are extremely EQ compliant and offer the user unrivaled control over every type of program material, through the entire frequency spectrum. Technomad Tour Model full-range loudspeakers deliver pitched musically relevant response to 30 Hz and below. All Technomad loudspeakers are inherently free of cabinet resonance, wall flex, vibration, imperfections in Thiele tuning, as well as other self-generated masking noises and anomalies. A Technomad loudspeaker’s extremely low self-noise floor, along with its forward, detailed and articulate acoustic center, and faster transient response produces 3-D-like, musical performance. A Technomad loudspeaker’s ‘quiet cabinet’ design does not mask vocal, musical, and other subliminal cues from program material, thereby offering greater detail and intelligibility through-out the entire frequency range.

Technomad loudspeakers feature a unique cabinet manufacturing technology, called roto-molding, that was developed and first put into service in 1954. Technomad produces one-piece loudspeaker cabinets with 1/2 inch thick linear walls and 3/4 inch thick corners that are free of imperfections, such as air bubbles, stress areas and other ‘built-in’ weaknesses. A Technomad loudspeaker’s one piece, ATAIII-rated cabinet has no joints or seams joining multiple parts. Technomad’s manufacturing technique makes for a very strong, cabinet, especially in the corner areas where impact is likely to occur. The corrugation that is designed into the cabinet walls provides incredible rigidity to the entire cabinet structure, without the need for additional internal cross-bracing, supports or structure.

Technomad full-range loudspeakers feature a unique, five position, internal Passive Processor EQ System. The Passive Processor reduces the need for outboard processors, thereby eliminating expense and system complexity. The EQ contour of a Technomad full-range loudspeaker is ‘shaped’ by the Passive Processor, providing maximum efficiency and fidelity, for any indoor or outdoor event or program material.

These audio innovations also allow the Technomad loudspeaker to perform with greater detail, intelligibility, and articulation in highly reverberant and high-ambient noise environments. All Technomad loudspeakers are also designed to Military Specification-810E, and are impervious to water, sand, salt, temperature, mold, mildew, condensation, chemical, insect, UV radiation, acids and other damage.

The Technomad loudspeaker systems, referred to as ‘PA Packs’ by WHCA personnel, are powered by two Mackie1400i power amps, and mixes are handled by a Sony MX-P61VU 12 channel mixing console. The other equipment in each ‘PA Pack’ signal chain consists of an ART PD3 Delay, DOD Real Time Analyzer Series 2, DOD SR431 31-band graphic equalizer, DBX 266XL Dual Compressor Gate, and ETA Power Distribution provides clean AC power. A multitude of microphone models, for an assortment of applications, are from Shure, Senneheiser, and Crown.

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The WHCA’s 50 new Technomad Berlin and Noho loudspeakers augment 50+ Technomad loudspeakers already stationed at various Air Force bases through-out the United States. These additional Technomad loudspeakers are used by the President, Ambassadors, Military Officials, and visiting Heads of State.

The White House Communications Agency (WHCA), originally known as the White House Signal Detachment (WHSD), was officially formed by the War Departmenton25 March 1942 during the Roosevelt Administration. The detachment was activated under the Military District of Washington to provide normal and emergency communications requirements in support of the President of the United States. WHSD provided mobile radio, teletype, telephone, and cryptographic aids in the White House and at Shangri-La, now known as Camp David.

In 1954, during the Eisenhower Administration, WHSD was reorganized under the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, Army Signal Corps as a Class II unit and renamed the White House Army Signal Agency (WHASA). In 1962 WHASA was discontinued by order of the Secretary of Defense under President John F. Kennedy, transferred to the auspices of the Defense Communications Agency under operational control of the White House Military Office, and reestablished as the White House Communications Agency.

WHCA played silent, significant roles in many historical events to include World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Panama and Guatemala, Operation JustCause, Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and Operation Restore Hope in Somalia. WHCA was also a key player in documenting the assassination of President Kennedy and the attempt on the lives of Presidents Ford and Reagan.

The Agency evolved over the past 50 years from a small team of 32 personnel working out of the basement of the White House to a self-supporting joint service command. Headquarters for WHCA is at Anacostia Navy Yard and consists of six staff elements and seven organizational units. WHCA also has five supporting detachments in Washington, D.C. and various locations throughout the United States. WHCA is organized into functional areas each with its own mission in support of the total WHCA mission of Presidential support.

Technical Specs

The 400 watt BERLIN 15/H features a 2″ compression driver on a 120° X 120° horn and a proprietary, weather-resistant 15″bass driver. The Berlin 15/H delivers a frequency response is 50 Hz-17.5 kHz, sensitivity is 102 dB SPL (1w/1m C.W.), with a maximum SPL of 121 dB SPL

The275watt Technomad Noho/C features a proprietary, weather-resistant Coaxial 1″ and 12″driver. The Noho/C delivers a frequency response of 60 Hz-17.5 kHz, sensitivity is 96 dB SPL (1w/1m C.W.), and a maximum SPL of 118 dB. Dispersion is 60° x 90°.

All Tour Model Technomad loudspeakers come standard with the unique MonitorTilt feature that allows the speaker to quickly convert into a floor monitor. When two 1.5″ diameter Monitor Legs are inserted in the rear sockets, a Technomad can be tilted at a 30° angle for use as a stage monitor. Like-size Technomad loudspeakers lock together when stacked for ease and security of transport on Technomad dedicated dollies. Other standard features include four molded-in 1.5″ diameter stand-mount sockets – one per side – for fast and easy set-up, water resistant electronic components and weatherized drivers, for long, reliable life. Other features include phase-coherent design, full-face weather resistant grills and fully recessed black stainless-steel cabinet hardware, large-grip handles, Neutrik connectors, and T-nut, D-Ring and Omni Mount fly points (depending upon model). All Technomad loudspeakers are available in 14 custom cabinet colors. A Technomad’s full-face grill can be ordered in matching cabinet colors. Because Technomad loudspeakers form their own ATA III road case, they are very portable and save truck and storage space. Technomad Tour Model loudspeakers can even be shipped via UPS, Federal Express, or checked as airline baggage.

All Technomad loudspeakers are backed by one of the most comprehensive pro audio product warranties available. Covered against manufacturer’s defects are: Loudspeaker cabinet = 10 years, External hardware = 5 years, Internal electronic components = 2 years.

Mt. Snow Rocks with Livintrust and Technomad Berlin 15/H Loudspeakers

Mt. Snow, located in beautiful West Dover, VT, is one of the premier ski areas on the East Coast. This past winter, they held one of their premiere events, The Bud Light Anti- Gravity Grail, and Technomad loudspeakers played an important part in the weekend’s activities. Right before the event, Mother Nature dumped 9 inches of snow onto the mountain, although no one in attendance seemed to mind. As always, the park crew and cat drivers dealt with the weather, and the pipe competition went off without a hitch. The folks at Mt. Snow “amped” up the proceedings a little more by combining the Grail and another event, The Mega Mother Hucker, into one action-packed weekend. In the middle of all this weather and competition was Technomad Berlin 15/H loudspeakers, used by the rock group Livintrust to provide entertainment to the sizable crowd assembled for the events. Based out of New Haven, CT and playing in clubs from NYC to Boston, Livintrust is an up and coming act with international success on their minds. Great songs and stage show made this group a standout, and the Technomad Berlin 15/H loudspeakers did a fantastic job of rocking the sizable crowd, despite the cold and changing weather conditions. Skiers and snowboarders alike were heard to remark they had never heard a live band sound as good as Livintrust sounded that weekend, thanks to the Technomad Berlin 15/H loudspeakers. Reference Links:

Spectators watch the band at Mt. Snow, a Technomad Berlin 15/H loudspeaker on a stand visible in the right foreground

Big air” at Mt. Snow, Technomad Berlin 15/H loudspeakers rocking the crowd to the sounds of Livintrust


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