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Popular industrial-grade audio player now triggers relays and outside devices automatically

Boston – May 23, 2021 – Technomad announces a new contact closure option for the company’s popular Schedulon automatic audio player. To be released July 1, the new feature allows users to easily control external devices with the Schedulon as well as trigger playback events with external contacts. The contact closure option provides eight pairs of contacts on the rear of the chassis. Each set of contacts can be set as an input or an output trigger, and each closure can be programmed independently, while still maintaining the stand-alone functionality of the unit.

“With the Schedulon, our goal has always been to create a product which is both highly configurable yet simple to program. When developing the new contact closure feature, one goal we had was to keep that ease of use, even while expanding the capabilities of the unit,” said Technomad Vice President Rodger von Kries. “The new contact closure option is still easily configured using a modern web browser and does not require the Schedulon to be connected to a computer to operate on a schedule. The operator also won’t need to read a 200-page manual to get the unit up and running, thanks to the user-friendly web interface.”

The output contacts can be programmed for triggering on the same variety of schedule parameters as audio playback events, including date, time and day of the week. Schedule events can be set to both play an audio file and trigger an external device simultaneously. It also includes an extremely accurate onboard real-time clock chip for precision. Input triggers can play both single audio files as well as audio playlists, similar to the knob playback feature of the unit.

For a preview of the user interface and to get more info, please see Schedulon 4.0 Automatic Message Player


Technomad and Onyx AudioVisual Upgrade Woodberry Forest School Sound Systems

Integrator chooses all-in-one Technomad Turnkey PA System to reproduce high-quality voice and music indoors at Virginia school

BOSTON, APRIL 2, 2012 —  Woodberry Forest School, situated on the banks of the Rapidan River near Charlottesville, Virginia, is an historic boy’s prep school situated on 1200 acres of land that once belonged to General William Madison, the brother of President James Madison.  Using Technomad advanced audio solutions, the school has upgraded sound systems in two athletic facilities in alignment with campus-wide building preservation efforts.


Onyx AudioVisual, a Virginia-based IT consulting company with expertise in audio/video, network infrastructure and lighting, designed and integrated the new sound systems.  The company chose a Technomad Turnkey PA System to bring multiple loudspeakers and all required signal processing systems together into a single, integrated solution.

The complete system, deployed in a 70-volt configuration to accommodate lengthy cable runs across four zones, reproduces intelligible voice and high-quality music over long distances for athletic meets, games and other activities in both areas.  The installations include 11 Technomad Vernal loudspeakers in the pool area and 10 in the Reily Wrestling Room, delivering high-fidelity sound and broad audio dispersion from a compact form factor.

Onyx AudioVisual also chose Technomad for its rugged, weatherproof loudspeaker designs.  The project required environmentally tough loudspeakers that could withstand the humidity and moisture associated with indoor pool environments.

Bart Cardea, sales director for Onyx AudioVisual, said his team balanced perfect audio detail inside the pool area and the wrestling room to achieve pristine athletic event sound.   The upgrades substantially improve sound quality around the galleries, bleachers, pool and mats to help spectators follow the action during events.

“The sound needed to be excellent quality for sports writers, fans and athletes,” said Cardea.  “We needed to preserve the historic integrity of the areas, while delivering state-of-the-art sound technology.  We chose Technomad because of their reputation for superior sound, easy setup and environmental durability.  They exceeded our specifications for sound while meeting the environmental challenges we faced.”

Cardea added that the Technomad Turnkey PA System design established a new central audio headend from which all cable runs originate.  Technomad Turnkey PA Systems include a pre-wired amplifier, six-channel mixer, cables, connectors and open rack space for audio source equipment — all delivered in a compact, durable equipment rack.


Technomad LLC, founded in 1995, designs and manufactures loudspeaker systems for the professional audio and security/military technology industries.  The company invented the first reliable full-range weatherproof loudspeaker and now offers nine models ranging in power from 60-watt loudspeakers to 1250-watt subwoofers — most available in Turnkey PA System packages featuring amplifiers, mixers and other signal processing equipment in pre-wired racks.  The company also manufactures a variety of audio infrastructure and communications equipment including playback and recording systems, weatherproof power amplifiers and turnkey remote audio systems.  Contact Technomad at 617-275-8898 or visit http://www.technomad.com for more information.

Technomad PA Systems Deliver Professional Audio for Gymnasiums

Technomad’s leadership in audio quality, coverage and rugged durability is well-known in the sound contracting community – especially in harsh environments for stadium and other outdoor installations.

The same traits that make Technomad a leading choice for outdoor systems are ideal for indoor systems that require clear speech and/or pristine musical reproduction over short and long distances.  One such example is the gymnasium, where Technomad loudspeakers and Turnkey PA systems are regularly installed for high school and intramural sports such as basketball, as well as presentations and musical events.

Alan DeMartino, sales engineer at Syracuse Time & Alarm Co., Inc. in Syracuse, NY., is putting the final touches on an indoor Technomad system for South Lewis CSD Middle School in Turin, NY.  The system features four Noho loudspeakers for a gymnasium that is part of a school-wide renovation project, and will be replicated in a second gymnasium.

Alex DeMartino at Syracuse Time & Alarm hangs Nohos in the South Lewis middle school gym

“I introduced Technomad to the engineer who specified the systems for the project, and suggested the Noho would be a very good loudspeakers for a gym installation because of the sound quality, wide dispersion pattern and construction,” said DeMartino.  “He has been using them ever since.  I have always found that the ease of installation provides a variety of simple mounting options, and I am still impressed with Technomad loudspeakers I installed nine years ago.”

Technomad offers a variety of loudspeakers for purchase separately or as part of a Technomad Turnkey PA system for stadiums, gymnasiums, restaurants, retail businesses and mobile projects among other applications.  Turnkey PA systems include a 6RU shock-mount rack, a pre-wired amplifier with audio source inputs (iPods, mp3 and CD players), a six-channel mixer, a dynamic wired microphone, cables and connectors.  Options include a wireless microphone and the Schedulon mp3 player and recording system to inject audio files and snippets into live events on a scheduled or manual basis.