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Technomad Turnkey PA System Powers Texas High School Sports Audio

I recommend Technomad loudspeakers to anyone needing to upgrade their stadium sound with a great weatherproof system. – Bear Bryant

Technomad recently supplied a Turnkey PA System featuring two Noho C loudspeakers to San Marcos Academy in Texas to replace an aging horn system inside its football stadium.  The school also purchased two Nohos for the baseball field on campus.  The school plans to share the Turnkey PA System amplifier for both installations.

We received this note today from Mr. Bear Bryant, the Technology Director at San Marcos Academy in Texas:

“I would like to tell you how pleased I am with our new Technomad stadium sound system.  I recently purchased and installed the IPA2 turnkey system which included two Noho C speakers on the press box of our football stadium.  I am attaching some photos of our football install.

I researched outdoor speakers and decided the Technomad line was worth exploring.  I checked into your existing customer base and saw many applications that matched our needs.  I was particularly impressed with the weather durability of the Noho loudspeakers.  The Texas weather around here creates a wide range of conditions, from very humid to hot and dry.  I needed something that could stand up to this fluctuation.

The sound quality of our old horn system was very poor and almost to the point where we were embarrassed by the unintelligibility of the announcer.  I have been lugging some Yamaha speakers up on top of the press box for game night in order to provide decent sound quality.  That worked fine unless we had inclement weather, and of course I tired of hauling the equipment around.

I am impressed with the wide 120-degree horizontal coverage pattern of the Noho loudspeakers.  With just two loudspeakers I am able to cover 180 degrees along the home field side, and with the overlap can project across the field to the visitors side.

While the primary use is for play-by-play announcements, we also use it for pre-game music and halftime entertainment.  Our regular announcer has a fantastic “radio voice,” and with the Technomad system his baritone gets the crowd excited and into the game.   The 1000 watts of the P-1 amplifier provides plenty of power to get everyone’s attention when we score and I play the “Bear Growl!”

I also purchased two additional Noho loudspeakers to be permanently mounted at our baseball field.  At the end of the season I will simply move the amp case to the baseball press box and plug it in.  We will enjoy great sound there as well.

Since installing this system I have had many compliments on how good it sounds from fans as well as from administration.  I recommend Technomad loudspeakers to anyone needing to upgrade their stadium sound with a great weatherproof system.”

In addition to the amplifier and weatherproof loudspeakers, Technomad Turnkey PA Systems also feature a six-channel mixer, a dynamic wired microphone, cables, connectors and a signal processing rack with additional rack space.

Connecticut High Schools Power Stadium Audio with Technomad Loudspeakers

CESCO, a systems integration company based in Connecticut, has been specifying Technomad audio systems for a sizeable amount of its outdoor sports venue projects over the past five years, citing pristine audio quality, broad dispersion and weatherproof design as selling points for high school stadiums.

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Technomad Loudspeakers Bring Clear Game Day Audio to High Schools and Colleges

AVX Northwest completes two Technomad athletic installations in Washington that brave the rainy elements outdoors and also provide crystal clear audio indoors

BOSTON, February 17, 2009 Technomad LLC, a leader in weatherproof loudspeakers and audio systems since 1995, announces that AVX Northwest, an AV equipment dealer, consultant and installer based in Centralia, Washington, has completed two Technomad Turnkey PA school installations in the Pacific Northwest.The Technomad installations, at Saint Martin’s University of Lacey, Washington and Kalama High School of Kamala, Washington, provide substantial athletic sound system upgrades on the campuses indoors as well as outdoors.

“The reliability and durability of Technomad loudspeakers outdoors is renowned because of their weatherproof design, and the voice projection and musical quality is also very much appreciated in this industry,” said Mark Abbott, Founder of AVX Northwest. “That audio quality and reliability translates phenomenally indoors, especially in gymnasiums for live sports, concerts and other events. Indoors, we typically hang the loudspeakers on ceiling rafters and direct the loudspeakers so that there is an even pattern coverage across 360 degrees.The handoff from one loudspeaker to the next is virtually unnoticeable.”

A cluster of Technomad Noho loudspeakers in the Kalama High School gymnasium provide 360 degrees of audio for sports and concerts
A cluster of Technomad Noho loudspeakers in the Kalama High School gymnasium provide 360 degrees of audio for sports and concerts

Technomad Turnkey PA Systems typically include between two and four Technomad weatherproof loudspeakers, a 6RU signal processing rack featuring an amplifier, mixer and CD player, a dynamic microphone, and all associated cables and connectors to form a complete PA solution.Both campuses received Technomad Turnkey PA systems for various outdoor and indoor venues.Saint Martin’s University is sharing the signal processing rack between three venues, transporting it between a baseball field and fast-pitch softball field.

Abbott installed seven Technomad Paris 616 loudspeakers between the two fields: four for baseball, and three for fast-pitch softball.He installed the loudspeakers behind the backstops and along the first and third base lines to ensure clear coverage to all areas.Technomad’s new loudspeaker yokes were used to hang and support the loudspeakers, providing plenty of flexibility to shield the loudspeakers from line drives and position them for the best possible audio directivity.Abbott ran wiring to a lockable, vandal-proof box by the scorekeeping booth, where an operator can plug in and turn on the system for immediate operation.

Three Paris 616 loudspeakers project clear voice to spectators by the fast-pitch softball field at Saint Martin;s University
Three Paris 616 loudspeakers project clear voice to spectators by the fast-pitch softball field at Saint Martin’s University

Kalama High School purchased two fixed Turnkey PA systems for its multi-purpose outdoor stadium and gymnasium, where basketball and volleyball games and school concerts are held.According to Abbott, the multi-purpose outdoor stadium for football, soccer and track previously relied on a horn system that provided poor sound quality and fell into disrepair.Abbott installed four Nohos on the back rafters and wired the system so that the Turnkey PA rack is simply connected to pre-configured cable runs that descend through the press box ceiling.The result is a reliable, plug-and-play installation.

“The projection of the Technomads gives you more than any horn system could offer for voice, but the bigger difference is the bass response and music quality,” said Abbott.“Most of the announcers are male, and horns cannot precisely reproduce the male voice because of the lack of lower end.And bass reproduction is very essential for today’s music, which is especially important for football games and practices.”

Close-up of a Technomad Paris 616 installed in the baseball stadium at Saint Martin's University. The athletic department shares a Technomad Turnkey PA signal processing rack between the baseball and softball fields.
Close-up of a Technomad Paris 616 installed in the baseball stadium at Saint Martin’s University. The university shares a Technomad Turnkey PA signal processing rack between the baseball and softball fields.

According to Bruce Rader, school board president at Kalama High School, the Technomad system was part of a larger upgrade to the outdoor stadium that also involved a new turf and a paint job.“The old horn system sounded horrible; cheerleaders wanted to play music through it and it didn’t work.The four Nohos reproduce music very well and cover the entire stadium, from the home to visitor stands and across the field to each end zone,” he said.“Inside, we were using 20-year old loudspeakers, and Mark also recommended four Nohos.We thought that might be overkill, but the sound is loud and clear without coming across as overpowering.They sound incredible.”

Abbott added that the weatherproof aspect is highly important to withstand the consistent rain and dampness of the Pacific Northwest region, and the occasional weather-related curve ball.“This winter, we have had record amounts of snowfall,” he said.“To have a loudspeaker I don’t have to worry about out in the elements says it all.

“But the simplicity of this Turnkey PA System is that Technomad has done all the work,” added Abbott.“They wire the amplifier, mixer and take care of all the cabling in advance.Everything is self-contained and it is an excellent system for schools and colleges that are on a limited budget but want the versatility that comes with being on the go and supporting multiple events.”

Technomad Loudspeakers Provide Game Day Audio Coverage at Jamsil Baseball Stadium

Technomad  announced that C.I.C. Electronics, a Technomad dealer located in South Korea, installed a variety of Technomad weatherproof loudspeakers throughout Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul.  C.I.C. Electronics, a global supplier of professional audio and public address systems selected Technomad loudspeakers for their outstanding audio quality and projection, weatherproof design, and durability.
Jamsil Baseball Stadium, built in 1982, seats 30,265 people and is home to both the Doosan Bears and LG Twins, both professional teams of the KBO Baseball League.  C.I.C. installed Technomad Berlin, Paris616 and Vernal-15 loudspeakers in various areas depending on the amount of power required for each specific location.  The Technomad Berlin, part of the company’s AS Series of loudspeakers, is the largest of the three models.  TheBerlin offers unparalleled projection, fidelity, and power to disperse intelligible voice and music throughout the stadium while maintaining an even pattern.
The Technomad Paris 616 and Vernal-15 models, part of the company’s MP Series of loudspeakers, offer more compact designs for all-environment installations, distributed systems, and sound reinforcement applications. Like the Berlin, both the Paris and Vernal offer unmatched fidelity as well as very broad dispersion to ensure that clear audio is hitting the most difficult-to-reach areas within the stadium.
Jamsil Baseball Stadium comprises part of the Jamsil Sports Complex along with nearby Seoul Olympic Stadium, and was host to baseball events during the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games.

Technomad Loudspeakers Installed in Multiple Sports Venues Across San Mateo Community College District

Three campuses standardize on Technomad loudspeakers for indoor gymnasiums and outdoor stadiums

BOSTON, April 29, 2008 – Technomad Associates, LLC today announced that San Mateo Community College District in California has standardized on Technomad weatherproof loudspeakers on its three Bay Area campuses. Skyline College in San Bruno; Canada College in Redwood City; and the College of San Mateo are home to multiple indoor and outdoor venues now using Technomad Vienna 16 and Noho C loudspeakers for live sports and event coverage, with additional venues to follow as the district moves closer to completing a multi-year, multi-venue upgrade project that covers everything from field surfaces to bleachers to PA systems.

This is an ongoing project with one facility upgrade after another, and we have found the Technomad loudspeakers to be highly versatile with excellent audio quality both indoors and outdoors, said Jim Petromilli, Director of Instructional Technology at the San Mateo Community College District. Outdoors, the weatherproof design is ideal for our three campuses, all of which have very distinct microclimates that can include high heat, heavy rains, and rust from bay moisture. We have also found that the Technomad Vienna loudspeakers perform exceptionally well in our gymnasium at Skyline College for basketball, graduations and other events, and we are planning a similar installation in a second gymnasium.

The outdoor Technomad installations as integrated by Petromilli and his team include: five Noho C loudspeakers for Bulldog Stadium, the football stadium at College of San Mateo, with a sixth Noho C assigned to a nearby track and field area; nine Noho C loudspeakers for three baseball diamonds; two soccer fields, each with two Noho C loudspeakers; and three Vienna 16 loudspeakers for a new softball field that opens this spring.

Lloyd F. McKinney Associates of Hayward, California, procured the loudspeakers from Technomad for all venues, citing the weatherproof design as ideal to handle the different weather elements of the three campuses. The company also led the systems integration project for the gymnasium at Skyline College, home of the Skyline College Trojans, due to the height and complexity of the loudspeaker installations and system wiring. Twelve Technomad Vienna 16 loudspeakers were mounted onto concrete beams or steel structures in the gymnasium, with quad amps to drive selected speaker banks depending on the event. Each side of the gym features five Vienna 16 loudspeakers, with every other one facing the opposite direction to maximize coverage. The final two Vienna 16 loudspeakers were installed on a steel structure above the main basketball hoop, aiming down toward the center of the auditorium.

According to Rick McKinney, Vice President of Lloyd F. McKinney Associates, Petromilli and his team requested an indoor demo after experiencing the high audio quality of the initial outdoor Technomad installation at Bulldog Stadium, adding that the wide horizontal coverage pattern of the Viennas and Nohos allows the colleges to cover wide bleacher areas without hot spots.

Indoor reverb is always challenging in a gymnasium since you’re dealing with hardwood floors, concrete in bleachers and other acoustical challenges, said McKinney. The Vienna 16 loudspeakers provide plenty of power and voice intelligibility for Skyline College events, with a smooth and even audio dispersion throughout the bleachers. In fact, the two Viennas above the main basketball hoop cover the entire gym quite well on their own, but the additional speaker banks give Skyline College plenty of flexibility to orient the sound system to meet different requirements depending on the event.

According to Petromilli, the Skyline College gymnasium is the crown jewel of the district-wide sports facilities upgrade a complete remodel of an existing facility that adds a video projection system and free Wi-Fi in addition to the new floors, bleachers, and PA system.

The Technomads replaced a poor audio system that produced a massive echo, he said. It was difficult to hear in certain areas and we received many complaints. The Technomads bring a huge improvement in voice intelligibility, and the audio quality has improved our attendance in a very competitive market. The PA system has become part of the events at Skyline College, with music and additional entertainment for attendees to create an enjoyable experience.

The Noho C loudspeakers at Bulldog Stadium replaced aging horn systems that produced highly distorted, unintelligible audio. Three Noho C loudspeakers are installed on a press box facade at the 50-yard line, with two more mounted on light poles at the opposite side of the field.

“We opted for multiple loudspeakers that produce high quality audio at a lower level so we could achieve even distribution through the crowd,” said Petromilli. “This is also very important during track events; with so many events on the field, the participants can clearly hear their events being called. This includes the separate area where shot-put, javelin, and other events are held. And during football season, music is a more integral part of the experience, especially during warm-ups. The Technomads provide a pleasant musical output in addition to clear voice reproduction. We literally have people from visiting teams all over southern California knocking on our press box door complimenting us on our sound system, music, and overall presentation.”