Music On The Move Incorporates Technomad Loudspeakers

Music On The Move Incorporates Technomad Loudspeakers For Awesome Sound, Incredible Bass And Happy Customers.

– By Mark Mikowski

PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS – Being a DJ/Emcee is not always an easy job. I always inform my staff DJ’s that you have to be prepared for emergency situations, tight set up spots, angry banquet hall owners, uncomfortable set up conditions, and – of course – demanding clients. To sum it all up, you have to be prepared to battle with constantly changing environments, time constraints, and the ability to be your best.

Since I have incorporated the Technomad Loudspeakers to my mobile music systems, I have experienced extremely positive results, along with a whole new world of flexible options when battling with never ending DJ service obstacles.

As a professional in the DJ/Entertainment Industry, I want to tell you that your Technomad loudspeakers are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. For my operation, Technomad Loudspeakers allow me to have the following:

  • Tremendous flexibility for all types of Venues and Events from Weddings to Backyard Barbecues.
  • Crystal clean sound quality everywhere I go. Accurate sonic performance from a whisper to a roaring scream.
  • Incredible power handling for a very compact system
  • Total Weather proofing. No matter what conditions (Indoor, outdoor, rain, shine, humid heat, or below freezing Chicago winters), they’re ready to crank!
  • Sleek, Clean and Strong Presentation.
  • Easy and secure stack ability.
  • Creative Speaker placements.

Another very interesting feature that the Technomads have brought back is a revived, new sense of excitement for Showtime. Lately, I’ve really been looking forward to making all my events sound the best that they can. This, in my opinion, only leads to a clientele base that appreciates the fitness and integrity of my operation.

When going out in the field to do your best, it’s all about looking great, feeling great, and having a positive attitude that everyone notices no matter if they are young or old. I’m proud to say that Technomad Loudspeakers are a big part of the look good/feel good attitude that I bring to my Job. I will without doubt recommend the Technomads to all my associates and DJ’s that I deal with.

To sum it all up, to me, having Technomads at my side during performance assures me that I’m always giving my clients the Best. (Now all I have to do is trade-in my Van for a Black Hummer.)

Enclosed are several pictures from Music on the Move that I believe you will find interesting. These are pictures from a gig and all my gear gig gear loaded on a cart. Two Technomad Noho/C full-range loudspeakers stack securely on top of the Technomad Chicago 15/12 Sub. Along with myrecord cases, amp and equipment racks, everything rolls in on my Magliner cart in one easy trip. Regarding the gig picture, you are all probably wondering, ‘Where’s the Chicago 15/12 Sub?’ Well it’s under the table. It’s a totally hip,stealthy trick that I thought of to totally confuse people. I get constant complements on my sound. I would like to thank John Flaws of Windy City Music, in Glenview, Illinois, for their support and for introducing me to Technomad loudspeakers.

Mark Mikowski is the president of Music on the Move. Contact Mark at 1460 Renaissance Drive, Suite 101, Park Ridge, IL 60068. Tel: 847-699-3030.