Two Technomad Vernal 15-T loudspeakers on light pole, back-to-back

City of Virginia Beach Installs (50) Technomad Vernal 15-T’s on City Walk

The City of Virginia Beach recently upgraded their City Walk with (50) Technomad Vernal 15-T loudspeakers, mounted two each back to back on light poles throughout the walk. White was chosen to satisfy aesthetic requirements.

Onyx Engineering, Chesapeake, VA, was the contractor chosen to design installs this project. Several different loudspeakers from several different vendors, including JBL, EV and Bose, were tested. Technomad Vernal 15-T’s were chosen because of their ruggedness, reliability, and great sound.

Woman underneath light pole with two (2) Technomad Vernal 15-T loudspeakers


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