The Technomad Oslo subwoofer provides plenty of low-end bass response per the customer's wishes

Bossier City: Summer Heat and Humidity with Technomad and the Airline Vikings

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Pat Divietro sent us an email with photos of his new Technomad PA System:

“We used 4 of your Berlin series to replace a dilapidated 70 volt system that was the butt of jokes for years. The stadium seats 8000 and the new system covers the home side with fidelity, and without killing them, hits the visitors side also.

We used 2 QSC 2.0HV’s to power the boxes with 750 Watts each into 8 Ohms. From the mixer, we run the whole system through a Behringer digital cross-over for eq and limiting. The whole system runs through a Furman AS-120 sequence power center with a key on lock. Simple, self-sufficient, sounds great.

But remember this is Louisiana! Summers 45 days + at 100 degrees F. Fall will rain for 2 1/2 weeks straight. Winters with freezing rain. And ANYTIME of year the humidity hovers about at 95%.

Your stuff is the best.

Pat Divietro
Airline Vikings
Bossier City, LA”


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Old PA System


New Technomad System!