Tony Gwynne Baseball Stadium, San Diego

Baseball and Softball PA Systems from Technomad

Technomad makes simple to install, great sounding, powerful sound systems for baseball and softball fields.  Since 1995 we’ve built ‘the toughest loudspeakers in the world’ – truly weatherproof loudspeakers that deliver unmatched music and voice quality.

With customers including the White House, Disney, Universal Studios, and hundreds of high-school, college and professional sports facilities around the world, you can rely on Technomad to give your facility the audio quality you deserve.

Key features of our Install PA (IPA) Systems:

  • Simple Installation – complete Turn-Key packages include everything you need, with pre-wired amp/mixer rack, microphone, wallmounts, speaker cables.  Optional factory-installed Wireless Mic, CD Player, etc.
  • Outstanding Voice Clarity
  • Excellent Music Quality – deep bass, crisp highs
  • Wide Coverage – no ‘hot-spots’ in front of each loudspeaker and ‘dead-spots’ on each side
  • Totally Weatherproof Loudspeakers – MilSpec 810F construction, impervious to rain, snow, fog, dust and UV.
  • Four Sizes, one is just right for your field or facility
  • Made in the USA at our Massachusetts factory.

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Happy baseball and softball field customers include:

…and many others.

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Technomad sells  turnkey PA systems a large national network of dealers. Most areas in the country have a local Technomad dealer, and we have several national resellers who can drop-ship anywhere in the country.  We have many international resellers as well.

A Technomad Noho Loudspeaker Suspended from Yoke Mount at MTSU Softball Press Box

Also, please take a moment to read the Frequently Asked Questions page – it has LOTS of useful information. And while you’re here, why not Download a Turnkey PA Spec sheet in PDF Format

Do you have technical or questions about the systems? Please click here to contact us, or call 800.464.7757.

Thanks for your interest.  We’re confident that one of our products will give your organization, team, or school the sound you deserve.


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