About Technomad

Technomad LLC, founded in 1995, designs and manufactures loudspeaker systems for the professional audio and security/military technology industries.  The company invented the first reliable full-range weatherproof loudspeaker and now offers nine models ranging in power from 60-watt loudspeakers to 1250-watt subwoofers  — most available in Turnkey PA System packages featuring amplifiers, mixers and other signal processing equipment in pre-wired racks. The company also manufactures a variety of audio infrastructure and communications equipment including playback and recording systems, weatherproof power amplifiers and turnkey remote audio systems. 

See our products at Technomad or call at 617-275-8898 for more information.

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dragonfly portable pa
berlin loudspeaker, technomad, club med
water being poured on a powerchiton amplifier
technomad loudspeakers installed on an outdoor light pole
technomad firefly portable pa covered in water
technomad speakers installed on a ceiling beam
Ski track Technomad Audio Weatherproff
wallbox outdoor amplifier and mixer
PowerChiton wireless front
technomad loudspeaker shown over a baseball field
technomad turnkey pa system green background