This page provides links and information about Technomad wall-mount, yoke-mount, and pole-mounting systems.
( wallmount, yokemount, polemount systems).

Wallmount Brackets (click link for detail)

Wallmount VP1 300x289 Wall Mounting Brackets
              Vienna / Paris Wallmount 

Yoke Mount Brackets

mp series yokes Wall Mounting Brackets

MP Series Yokes

nohoyoke1 Wall Mounting Brackets

AS Series Yoke
(Noho/Soho – Berlin/Cairo/Chicago not Shown)

Vernal Yoke Bracket (dwg.)
Vienna Yoke Mount (dwg.)
Paris Yoke Mount (dwg.)
• Noho Yoke Bracket (dwg.)
Berlin Yoke Mount (dwg.)

Arraying Systems

Polar-Focus Z-Beam Arraying-Pointing Systems
(very sophisticated arraying/pointing systems for Noho, Berlin, Cairo models)